Some of you are already aware through local press that BayPoint Club, our partner, supplier, and venue for the festival, have gone into administration. After weeks of talks and meetings and trying our absolute best to continue with this years festival, unfortunately fundamental issues just could not be resolved. Therefore it is with deep regret and a massively heavy heart that we must inform you this that BayPoint Festival will not go ahead and is now officially cancelled. Please know this was not an easy decision for us to make and we are feeling as gutted and disappointed as some of you may be.

The 1100 people who have already bought tickets online this year will be handled by BayPoint Club and the administrators within 28 days. The ticket money will be returned without notification so please check your account before contacting BayPoint Club. Please be patient.

The same applies to any concessions that have provided fees/deposits, BayPoint Club will handle these within 28 days. As above, please be patient before contacting BayPoint Club.

A personal apology from ourselves, the promoters and organisers of the festival, is sent out to all of the bands, djs and artists, all of the volunteers and workers, all of our suppliers, our friends, and of course all of the public who would have attended this year, and have supported us so far. We hope you can understand these are reasons absolutely beyond our own control, but we hope our paths can cross again one day…